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No trip to the West Indies is complete without experiencing a good game of cricket 🏏

And they sure know how to celebrate out here, epic atmosphere at the Queens Park Oval last night!

#seenewthingseveryday #cpl #cricketplayedlouder #biggestpartyinsport 🏖
Beach ✔ Sunset ✔
👌😊👍❤ Nature's creations 🐚 This world is simply incredible! 
#thowbackthursday #turksandcaicos The stunning White Island, Grenada captured from the air. Escape to paradise for a couple of minutes by watching the full HD video on in Bio 🎥
Enjoy! Can't beat the feeling of powdery sand between your toes 😊🏝
#summer #sunshine #sand MILESTONE ALERT: 
We've now sailed our lovely sailboat 2000 miles! She's safely taken us (or we've taken her) all the way from Florida down to the southern Caribbean. 
There's been highs and lows, peaceful times and chaotic moments, wind, rain, thunderstorms and sunshine along the way but we've survived! I would say we've enjoyed every minute of it but that would be a lie.
It's been a challenge every day and as a result extremely rewarding and fulfilling and well worth celebrating ⛵😊🍾
🥂 Here's to the next 2000 miles 🥂

#sailinglife #sailboat #liveaboards #cruisers

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Self confessed travel addicts fulfilling our dreams of seeing the world by less than conventional means.

We’ve always known we didn’t want to live a “normal” life. So we’ve done something about it and now we’re travelling the world.

Summer 2016 was spent living in our 4×4 whilst exploring Europe – from Northern Iceland to Southern Croatia and many places in-between.

Now we’re on a sailing adventure, living aboard a yacht and seeing the world from a different perspective.

Wherever the wind takes us I’ll be taking photos, making videos and keeping you up to date with our adventure.

We hope you’ll come along for the ride!


That’s me, Abi, with my partner Ben (I’m on the left)